Campfire Sunday Comics | 2018

Campfire Sunday Comics is a broadsheet newspaper comic anthology published by Dennis Madamba and Kyle Harabedian that features work by an international lineup of artists. Each artist was given half a newspaper page to tell their story. Featured artists: Ryan Peltier, Luisa Rivera, Manolo Moreno, Felipe Muhr, Xiaojie Liu, Kyle Harabedian, Luke Ellison, Diego Cumplido, Xiaohua Yang, Jo Yeh, Alexander Mitchell, Ana Laura Juarez, Natalie Mazorol, Dream Chen, Sishir Bommakanti, and Dennis Madamba, with graphic design by Tianrui Zhang. 

The theme is “A Day in the Life”. 

It was printed in full color on newsprint by Newspaper Club.


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Campfire Comics and Stories | 2017

Campfire Comics and Stories is a two-color, risograph printed, anthology comic book published by Dennis Madamba and Kyle Harabedian and featuring work by an international lineup of artists including  Dream Chen, Diego Cumplido, Kyle Harabedian, Jasu Hu, Dennis Madamba, Natalie Mazorol, Alex Mitchell, Manolo Moreno, Felipe Muhr, Ryan Peltier, Luisa Rivera, Xiaohua Yang, and Jo Yeh, with Graphic Design by Tianrui Zhang. The printing was done by Paper Press Punch in Seattle, WA.


The theme of the anthology is “Based on a True Story”.  


Cover by Jo Yeh

Design by Tianrui Zhang

Printing by Paper Press Punch